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Triad for Health Zoominar
A Holistic approach to implementing the practice

Date/Time:    December 12, at 12:00    90-minute duration.

  • There will be a schedule so people will be able to zoom in during whatever topic their interested in or all of it, once they have registered.
  • Once registered, you will receive the zoom information via email. Do check your junk inbox.

Reason and purpose for this Zoominar

It is our desire to offer this $45 zoominar for Free with the purpose of sharing our mission, which is to expose people to a better way of being, to bring out the best in themselves so they will have the skills and tools to live a healthy, fulfilled and joyful life.

Topics Covered

  • Love Languages and how to use them with significant others, family members, kids, work associates
  • Lifestyle/Work environments: Organized, neat, Feng Shui, Ergonomics
  • Blue Light Exposure – the effects on Skin,  Eyes,  Sleep/Wake cycle,  Appetite, etc..
  • Money – Philosophy: Saving, Spending, investing etc….
  • Food Philosophy: Hunger vs appetite,   Emotional eating,  quantity vs quality

What will I Get For Registering

  • Hand outs – these will have notes covered in the Zoominar
  • Recipes – this will include simple easy to make at home sides and snacks
  • Resources – a list of websites and products used or referred to in the Zoominar

*Extra Gifts*


Cheryl Capobianco

Hello my name is Cheryl Capobianco. I am a retired orthoptist having spent 30 years in clinical ophthalmology.  I am a designer and inventor focusing on UPF clothing and hats for skin cancer prevention. I am also an advocate for a holistic approach to health and life including the body-mind-spirit connection.


Dr. Mitchell Kershner

I was raised in North Miami, Florida though relocated to South Miami, where I went to a junior college and my future as a Naturopathic doctor took shape.  I was a massage therapist, personal coach, a personal trainer and I attended one of the very first accredited Vegetarian Nutrition courses at Miami Dade. I knew deep inside me that there must be something out there that tied all of these modalities together. 

Phone: +1-561-600-1614

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