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Naturopathic Corporate Consulting


When I’m asked to speak at a corporation, I center my talk around the four pillars of life.  

  1. What is your life like, social life, at home? 
  2. What’s your work-life like? 
  3. How’s your personal health and wellbeing like? 
  4. What’s your personal mindset and personal development like?  

When you get these four pillars balanced, you have the best chances of having a healthy lifestyle.  I tailor my talk for each group or corporation with the focus on:

  • Increasing work productivity 
  • Ergonomics: chair, keyboards and monitors
  • How to reduce work-related and computer-related injuries 
  • Eating healthy at work 
  • Exercising at work 
  • Organizational skills…time management. 

How to improve memory and concentration at work


Individual Course Topics And Program Presentation Packages

Individual Course Topics: Each Topic - $250.00,

  Packages 2-3 per year = $225.00 each topic,  4 or more topics per year = $215.00 each

   Food Related – Includes: Demonstration (when appropriate), Recipes, Booklets, Informational Handouts, Resources,

  • Healthy Snacking - Alternative options and easy healthy choices
  • Lunch Alternatives - Quick simple homemade meals and how to order out
  • Breakfast Ideas & Recipes - Simple-Quick n’ Healthy™ power packed protein options
  • Smoothies for Meal or Meal Replacement - Demonstration/Onsite sampling
  • No Nap Needed after Lunch - Eating foods that energize for the afternoon
  • Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs - Food Demonstration and presentation comparing the two
  • Sugar, Carbs and Various Diets - Presentation, Alternative Healthy Food tasting
  • Be Vigilant, Read Labels – Learn what hidden ingredients are harming you
  • Weight Loss Tips – How to take off pounds in a Healthy way without deprivation

   Wellness and Work Place Related – Includes interactive Demonstrations, Information Handouts      and/or topic companion booklet

  • EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) – cell phones, laptops, etc. and their effect on health and productivity. PowerPoint and/or handouts
  • Desk Exercising and PositioningVisual demonstration and group participation
  • Ergonomics & Workplace Functionality PowerPoint and physical demonstration. How to avoid Computer Related Injuries (CRI’s)
  • Workspace EfficiencyAir Quality and Air Filtration, Fluorescent lighting, air fresheners, hand sanitizers and more
  • Improving Brain Function and FocusPresentation; Nutrition, Sugar, Hydration, Fats and Sleep
  • Caffeine and Alternatives – Learn to boost energy naturally and sustain it
  • Harmful Effects of Sugar – 10 Step Sugar detox plan

Each topic is delivered with our clients’ needs in mind. Other topics available can be designed to meet specific requests. Also available are program presentation packages for ongoing “Lunch and Learns” which can be scheduled; Monthly, quarterly, or twice per year.

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