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Healthy Chef Doctor


The concept of the Healthy Chef Doctor originated from the concept that food is your medicine and medicine is your food. After finishing culinary school and combining that with my naturopathic background, I coined the term naturopathic medicine. My philosophy is: To bridge the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of science. I felt it was important to not only tell people to eat better, but to tell them why eating benefit them.

The concept of a Healthy Chef Doctor was to be able to explore deeper as to why these things are important. It's not enough anymore for people to be told what to do. They want to know why are you telling me to do that? What am I going to get out of this? How's it going to benefit me? That's what Healthy Chef Doctor stands for; a principle of giving people more than just here's what to do, It's one of the reasons I went to naturopathic school. Food is good, exercise is good, holistic health is good, but how do we bring it all together? Which brings me to the Triad of Health and Healing.


 We at Healthy Chef Doctor LLC are committed to Educating, Inspiring and providing staff and employees with the tools needed to make better health choices. Our invaluable and practical information, handouts and recipes, along with demonstrations and interaction, will lead to Healthier people, and a Happier workplace.


This in turn will decrease time lost from work, potential injury and increase focus and work productivity.


Individual Course Topics & Package Prices

Contact us to begin creating a healthier, happier working environment for the entire office. Prices vary according to presentation or programs selected.

  • The Single Presentation Package - One Individual Presentation $385.00. One-hour Presentation includes:  PowerPoint on topic of choice, 3-5 food items to taste for up to 25 people (a charge of $5.00 pp over 25 people). We supply plates, utensils, handouts and recipes and handouts.
  • Pair Package -Two Presentations $750.00.

Each One hour Includes: PowerPoint on topics of choice & scheduled at client’s convenience, 3-5 food items to taste per lecture for up to 25 people ($5.00 pp charge over 25 people). Complimentary Sugar Booklet up to 25 people, Recipes, two months of Health tips and recipes via email.

  • All Inclusive PackageFour Presentations $1,850.00.

 Each One hour Includes: PowerPoints, Cooking Demonstrations, 3-5 food items to taste per lecture up to 30 people ($5.00 pp over 30 people). Complimentary Sugar Booklets up to 40 people, 12 months of Health tips and recipes via email.


All prices are specifically designed for individual clients and the chosen presentation package.

We look forward to making your working environment a great place for wellness, increased performance and work productivity.

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