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9 Step Sugar Detox - Dr. Mitchell Kershner

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Break the old unhealthy habit and create a new healthy one!

In this program, and what makes it different is, it is based on a Triad of Health & Healing philosophy. It will include simple and time efficient activities that guide you to not just breaking a sugar habit but creating new ways to satisfy desires without the ill effects of excess sugar intake.

Based on science and over 3 decades of experience, you will be given daily Affirmations which will help in setting the mind and thoughts of how to learn new ways to take care of yourself. Also, each day will include menu ideas, healthy snack options, journaling entries that help in observing your progress. Each of these activities were designed to be simple, time efficient and effective for making a lifestyle change well beyond the end of the 9 Days.

I hope you get as much out of this program as my team and I put into creating it, for you! We are very excited to be part of your journey to a healthier you.

In this 9 step 9 day program you get:

A 90+ page guidebook guiding you day by day one step at a time as you make a healthy transitions and changes to your lifestyle and diet and begin your sugar detox journey.

9 day meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes, even some snacks to help you fight your sugar cravings throughout your detox.

Assessment pages to track your progress.

Lessons to fill your mind with wisdom, to remind you why you’re doing this and to give you some helpful tools while continuing your sugar detox.

Daily journal prompts to release a stressful mind while detoxing your body.

Food elimination suggestions each day to help you slowly ease into this transition of eliminating harmful sugars from your diet.

9 Meditations to help encourage your mind to connect with your body as you release negative habits and begin new ones during your detox.


Also included with your 9 step program is my Sugar is Not the Enemy Book - where you’ll learn some interesting facts about sugar and gain a better understanding of its harmful effects and how to eliminate them using the 9-steps.

Q & A Mondays 9m-3pm to answer questions during your program.
1-30 minute Skype call after your program to discuss your progress and answer future questions.

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