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Julie's Testimony

When I first embarked upon the cleanse with Dr. Mitchell, I knew I was in good hands, but I did have some trepidation – my experience in the past with other programs was not positive.

We started out with a program of pre-cleansing that made my body and psyche feel balanced in a way I had never experienced before – even though I traveled throughout the duration of the program, I took that sense of well-being with me and I was able to keep to the spirit of the cleanse; while sometimes I could not follow the regimen precisely, through the coaching I received from Dr. K and the overall guidelines of the cleanse, I kept up with it.

And I am so glad – here I am, a few weeks after the official cleanse ended, and I believe my life has been irrevocably improved in many ways; I am able to eat foods that I couldn’t without gastrointestinal distress before, and I've largely kept to the regime of the pre-cleanse guidelines, with a few modifications once in a while.

The interesting part is that this program, unlike the many that I have engaged in before, has had a lasting impact on my perspective of food and my body's relationship with it. I am so much more in tune with my senses than ever before. And I look forward to the seasonal cleanses that Dr. Mitchell will offer, as I know that his program, combined with his coaching and my commitment, is a surefire recipe for success.

Bring it on, Dr. Mitchell. And thank you very very much!

Looking forward,


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