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Dr. Jack's Testimony

I am a convert. For years I have enjoyed the tastes of all types of foods, especially those containing large amounts of sugar. Boy, there wasn't a donut I didn't love!! We won't even talk about ice cream and Russell Stovers chocolates! Recently my prostate cancer came back after 42 radiation treatments some 2 to 3 years ago. While being tested for an experimental operation, I met Dr. Mitchell Kirshner and we discussed a healthier way of eating. It was basically a plant-based diet. The idea was to starve the growth of the cancer, which feeds off sugar and other food items. Consistence and discipline were necessary to move forward successfully with the new diet, but with the help of my wife, I have stayed on the for the past 9 months and feel absolutely wonderful. During this period of time, I have lost some 36 pounds, and have had the operation, which according to my doctors, has been a total success. I am now cancer free! When dealing with my doctors prior to the operation, they kept using the word WOW numerous times when referring to my blood count, blood pressure, my various organs, etc. They were absolutely amazed at my overall health, and felt the operation and the subsequent healing would be greatly aided my overall excellent health. I am a convert! I no longer see myself addicted to sugar, dairy products, white flour products. fried and processed foods, and a number of other food products Dr. Mitchell initially advised me to abstain from. I no longer consider my being on a "diet". I have basically chosen to stay on a healthy plant-based eating program. It certainly is not as tasty as my former diet, but I simply feel great, and plan to remain feeling great for the rest of my life. I need to thank God, many fine doctors, nurses and hospital personnel, the prayers and best wishes of countless family and friends, the consultation of Dr. Mitchell, and especially the love and care of my most wonderful partner and wife, Karin. I know the value of a plant-based diet, and recommend it highly. I feel wonderful!! and hope you will too! Dr. Jack M.

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