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Derek's Testimony

Hey Mitch,

I just wanted to say thanks for the kick start and share my thoughts on your cleansing program

When I first started I was in the midst of an emotional crash.  My brother had just passed away, I just got back from Kabul and three weeks later I had to put my dog down of 17 years, three weeks later my brother passed away of liver cancer and I was left no option but to cancel my career and move to Port St Lucie to become primary care giver to my 90 year mother.  I weighed in at 235 lbs an my blood sugar was hovering around 245 with my meds.

After I started your cleanse I decided to dedicate 2 weeks to the program.  I figured why not ?  the only thing that could happen was that I did like I usually the program for a few days and then hit McDonalds and get a Big Mac.  Well after our first class I realized that I did not have to give up food but to change how I approached my eating and exercising habits.  You shared that I could still eat eggs, meat, fish, salads, fruits and sweet potatoes and that I should focus on eliminating sugar, caffeine, unhealthy cooking oils, wheat and grains from my diet.  Being a Type 2 Diabetic I thought this may actually help. 

I also read through your information packet with the recipes for a healthier diet and liked what I saw.  Well, to make a long story short, I followed the program as close as I could and stared cooking my own food and when I did go out I was cognizant of what I ordered.   After the first week, I dropped 6 pounds and my sugar went from 245 to 160.  By the end of two weeks I went from 235 to 226 and my blood sugar was consistently under 115 with my meds.  In fact a few days ago I had a blood sugar of 97 which was the lowest its been in 10 years.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me make a healthier lifestyle change and I look forward to your next seasonal cleanse.

Derek C. McSween


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