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Driving Safety Tips – Dealing with Road Rage

We’ve all been there.  You’re headed home after a long day at work.  You may have worked through lunch and you now find yourself hungry and tired.  You pull out of the parking lot and some car cuts you off and you’re this close to getting in a wreck.  Now you’re hungry, tired AND angry!  The hulk has been awakened and your first thought is to follow that car! 

Doing so can be very dangerous for everyone driving around you so the best thing to do is to follow these simple tips.  The goal is to get you home for dinner where your loved ones are waiting for you and can’t wait to see you.  Don’t get in a situation where you put your life or anyone else’s life in danger. 

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Count to ten before reacting
  • Remember that others make mistakes while driving, but so do you
  • Take several deep breaths before acting out
  • Listen to the proper type of music. Music with a lot of beats will normally raise your blood pressure
  • Make sure you have ample time to get to your destination
  • Turn off talk radio if you catch yourself becoming too involved in the discussion
  • Become a courteous driver

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from becoming involved in an aggressive driving or Road Rage incident is to do everything you can not to participate or provoke another driver. Remember, it takes two to play the game. Here are some ways to avoid aggressive drivers.

  1. Never drive when under extreme stress
  2. Avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver
  3. Move to another lane of travel
  4. If you see an aggressive driver, stay away from them
  5. Never use any type of hand gesture towards another driver
  6. Never respond to any provocation
  7. Do not scream at other drivers
  8. Call the police if the situation gets out of control

Never stop and confront another driver. If you feel you are being followed, never drive home. Go to a public place and call the police.

If a driver has a negative attitude about driving situations that may arise while driving these negative attitudes may lead to aggression, anger, and frustration.  Don’t be the Hulk.  Keep your emotions in check and imagine how happy you’ll be when you get home. 

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