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When I’m asked to speak at a corporation, I center my talk around the four pillars of life.  

  1. What is your life like, social life, at home? 
  2. What’s your work-life like? 
  3. How’s your personal health and wellbeing like? 
  4. What’s your personal mindset and personal development like?  

When you get these four pillars balanced, you have the best chances of having a healthy lifestyle.  I tailor my talk for each group or corporation with the focus on:

  • Increasing work productivity 
  • Ergonomics: chair, keyboards and monitors
  • How to reduce work-related and computer-related injuries 
  • Eating healthy at work 
  • Exercising at work 
  • Organizational skills…time management. 
  • How to improve memory and concentration at work


So What Do I Speak On!

Examples of Talks and how I break them down:

Designing an Eating/Menu Schedule

  1. Looking at specific lifestyle
  2. Assessing life/health goals
  3. Recognizing biochemical individuality


  1. Equipment Stocking
  2. Pantry
  3. Refrigerator stock and snack options

Seasonal Cleansing Program

  1. Aligning foods according to season – for a reason
  2. Determining supplementation according to season

Nutritional Supplements

  1. Safety
  2. Need and effective use


  1. Discuss viable options for greatest success
  2. Explore various types of exercise appropriate
  3. Set realistic goals

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