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Introducing Dr. Mitchell's Latest Book

Working From Home: Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer

Working From Home: Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer is a perfectly timed book as more and more people around the world have shifted to working from home. Headaches, neck strain, eye strain, back pain and hand/wrist pain among people is on the rise. But there are many ways you can avoid or solve these issues by looking at the common, or underlying causes. Written by Dr. Mitchell Kershner, ND, Working From Home: Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer, is an easy to understand book that discusses all the major problem areas and provides easy to implement solutions for these common issues.

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Working From Home - Dr. Mitchell Kerschner

Am I A ChefNaturopathic DoctorCoach ?


I have a passion for helping others optimize their health and lifestyle! I believe that if we can bring our body, mind and spirit into balance or as I like to call it "Triad of Heath and Healing" we really can live our best lives!

My core belief comes from the definition of Natropathic Medicine which is in essence "the bridge between the Wisdom of Nature and the Knowledge of Science."



I have created various programs to assist people in rediscovering how things such as nutrition, seasonal strategies and food regiments can change the landscape of their overall health.


This component covers providing learning with lecture, hands outs, power point and possibly demo where appropriate for topic. Either individual topics or a package spanned out over 3, 6, or 12 months. Geared for enhancing or improving work productivity and efficiency.

Healthy Chef Doctor

Dedication to sharing the – Simple, Quick n’ Healthy™ approach to food and nutrition, as foundation to holistic healthy living. Chef Dr also incorporates other lifestyle aspects of health i.e. workplace, home, personal wellbeing and social elements.


When I’m asked to speak at a corporation, I center my talk around the four pillars of life.  

  1. What is your life like, social life, at home? 
  2. What’s your work-life like? 
  3. How’s your personal health and wellbeing like? 
  4. What’s your personal mindset and personal development like?  

When you get these four pillars balanced, you have the best chances of having a healthy lifestyle.  I tailor my talk for each group or corporation with the focus on:

  • Increasing work productivity 
  • Ergonomics: chair, keyboards and monitors
  • How to reduce work-related and computer-related injuries 
  • Eating healthy at work 
  • Exercising at work 
  • Organizational skills…time management. 
  • How to improve memory and concentration at work

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